Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Issues/questions while operating the program:

Question 1: There was no audio while clicking on text in the tikun or on the verse number?

Answer: Click the Hebrew letter indicating the verse number to start the sentence (marked in gray).

Question 2: Sometimes when clicking the tropes on the tikun frame, there is no audio?

Answer: Toggle the play-bar pause button, to play, then click of the tropes. The demo: “How to use the tikun” which is available when selecting “Recorded Torah” from “Main” demonstrates this procedure.

Question 3: Zooming in/out through finger's gestures does not change the software's size, or how to enlarge the software's display size?

Answer: While touch screens will response to finger's button click and drag and drop, zoom is not possible. To enlarge the screen please use the display settings. Typically at 800 x 600 the software will fill the whole screen.