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Chant the Bible; detailed subjects, in point form.

Are your speakers on?


An easy to follow step-by-step course with full instruction, coupled with educational games, attractive graphics, musical notations, and auditory renditions. Students of all ages will enjoy using this course while gaining confidence, competency, and proficiency to succeed on their special day or throughout life in the art of chanting the Bible on the Sabbath, Festival or Weekday.

Compatible with all Windows OS from 98 to Windows 10.

The download includes

  1. Courses teaching Torah and Haftorah Tropes
  2. Recorded Yearly cycle(Torah scroll is displayed parallel to the punctuated Hebrew text)
  3. Expanded Resources.

1. Torah and Haftarah Courses:

V2 courses feature Female and Male recordings, four keys, additional instruments, Haftarah Blessings spoken practice, and other many enhancements and upgrades.

  • Comprehensive course subjects are made easy through professional innovative methods that allow the student to learn The Tropes quickly and competently
  • Students follow the outline guide for independent study
  • Engaging games and exercises enhance learning
  • Interactive quizzes reinforce acquired knowledge
  • Personal electronic teacher provides helpful tips throughout the lessons
  • Multidisciplinary option enables further in-depth analysis, historical perspective and scholarly details for the adult learner
  • Musical notations and auditory examples of the Tropes
  • Instrumental and vocal Trope tables
  • Helpful hints on guiding the novice in public presentation

2. Studio Recorded Tikun: (The entire Torah and Haftarot sung by a professional cantor)

  • Tikun encompasses the entire Torah and Haftarot including variations for Reform, Conservative and Orthodox practices
  • Repeat button allows student to hear a word, a phrase or a sentence as many times as needed
Each page displays a multi-view of :
  • Torah scroll
  • Enlarged segment from the scroll
  • Punctuated text with vowels and Tropes
  • English translation
  • Trope melody reference buttons

Precise placement of Tropes with colored symbols for easy identification

Easy to use index locates a specific portion, chapter or sentence

 3. Expanded Resources:

  • Wealth of information on the history and development of Tropes and chanting
  • Special unit on Tropes as a punctuation system
  • A guide to “silent Tropes” (Tropes used for clear diction and proper pronunciation)
  • Applying Tropes to modern texts
  • Glossary




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